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Make no mistake, mobile covers have long since ceased to be a mere protector for our most precious device, and have become one more item to look. As proof of this, these accessories are currently booming in electronic commerce. I invite you to know these personalized on polycarbonate with high resistance to scratches. Available in slim or more protective version, with access to all ports. IPhone and Samsung range.

About Arashi Yuka

Do you want to know if Arashi is my name?

The truth is that no, I'm sorry, and I do not have a moving or exciting story that makes me opt for such a complicated pseudonym. I remember that a few years ago, when I was a child, my interest in becoming an artist began to awaken ... I needed a pseudonym! That's how my passion for idols like Takeshi Obata or Akira Toriyama brought me a first name that sounded a little "Japanese".

If you want to know more about me or know a little more about what you can try, you can contact me directly.


I give you theopportunity to get an idea of how these products can decorate your life and become essential items. Get to know the catalog of t-shirts, jerseys, pillow covers, notebooks, iPhone cases, decorated mugs and other personalized products.

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