Shopping Information

Where are the designs sent from?

Practically all the designs that I propose you are stamped on different articles from Barcelona, under the guarantee of Tostadora, pioneers in this sector. Specifically, mobile phone cases, notebooks, decorated mugs and decorative pillows would come from the United States, because that is where I found the quality I was looking for. These items would be produced and sent through TEEPUBLIC.

To which countries are the designs sent?

Virtually everyone! The main advantage offered by working with such powerful stores distributed by different countries, is the scope and speed they provide when making a delivery.

Delivery times and shipping costs?

You have to bear in mind that I propose you two stores with different items, the first one is Tostadora based in Barcelona, Spain, the second TEEPUBLIC based in the United States.

If your order requires a national shipment, the expenses in both cases will be charged between 5 and 6 euros and delivery times between 2 and 4 days. If, on the contrary, it requires an international shipment, the expenses are increase to 8 euros and the delivery times up to 1-2 weeks.

How to know the status of my order?

Tostadora and TEEPUBLIC offer the possibility of tracking the orders you make. Once you make the payment, you will receive instructions to do so, either through your mobile phone or email.

Quality of the articles

I Invested part of the time in the identification and design of funny images, with a funny or winking sense, characters or known drawings, the other in the search and contact with prestigious companies to put my work in their hands. You can get more information about the quality of the articles.

Sizes & Settings

Purchasing products as personal as garments online can create some uncertainty, mainly due to not knowing the real size of the products. To minimize this uncertainty and the possibilities of error, when you find yourself on the product page you want, and before agreeing to buy it, you will always have a detailed guide with measurements. It is important that you spend some time to check which will be the best for each case.

Payment Methods

What forms of payment are accepted?

You can make the payment of any order in all the proposed stores by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Paypal (recommended). Keep in mind that online orders can be executed with credit card processing in real time, and the card can be loaded before the order is shipped.

Secure Shopping Guarantee

The applications that are used for the industry-standard encryption design known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to keep your order information secure.The secure purchase guarantee is established for each transaction.

Return policy

The two main stores to which I have decided to link to give designs are latostadora and TEEPUBLIC, and both agree on customer satisfaction as a top priority.

If upon receiving an order you are not happy with it, it is important that you do not waste much time and contact the store where you made the purchase to find a solution within 30 days. You can find the links to make said return in the footer of both, where you can know in detail its policy and the steps to follow. You can always ask me for advice and I will be happy to help you.

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